Several years ago I was faced with a difficult realization: I was not living in a way that was true to who I am. I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions or even paying attention to the "old year/new year" thing. But as 2018 came to an end I was ready to do something different in 2019.

Living as I was, I came to see, was what I now call living "out of alignment." I was having fun, sure. But I was paying a heavy price. My physical health. My mental and emotional health. The health of my relationships. The single most important thing I did as I came to the end of 2018 was to start a daily meditation practice. That's one of the reasons I'm offering a free (until Dec 31, 2023) 11-day breath practice for anyone who wants to join me. There are other things I'm offering in the new year. Some are listed below.

A breath practice for balance

  • January 1-11: 11 days. No charge if you register before January 1. ★ Free for Apprenticeship to Love Premium subscribers. Click here to register.

Men Walking

Yoga+Tango for Lovers and more...

  • January 4 and weekly thereafter: A two-hour weekly class for couples (& singles) who are interested in developing their arts of connection, communion, and creativity. No tango or yoga experience required. Register here.
  • Private tango lessons are available. See Kundalini Tango privates
  • For more Kundalini Tango events and workshops please see... kundalinitango.com

Practices for Intimacy

And more...

  • Weekly: Apprenticeship to Love chapters. I am writing a book (and, in the process, continuing this apprenticeship) about what I am learning in this life as a lover, husband, father, son, brother, friend, student, and teacher. Your readership is appreciated! (There are free, Premium, and Premium+ tiers.)
  • Occasionally: Workshops, retreats, tango classes. Online and in-person. For couples and singles. Sometimes with colleagues, sometimes just me. You'll see what's coming up here.
  • Always: Coaching, mini-retreats for couples and singles, rituals and ceremonies (eg. weddings, funerals, rituals of everyday life), and private tango classes, please email me at rev.hans@sacredbodies.ca )

Whether we ever work together or dance together, whether you ever read the chapters to my book... I am wishing you ever greater alignment with who you are in the year ahead. That's what I've been experiencing in the years since my wake-up call, and I now look forward to what every day brings me. If you get even a glimmer of that in your days and weeks ahead, wonderful!

-Rev. Hans Peter Meyer