For you, for Wednesday...

Most of the #menswork conversations are no-charge to you as a subscriber here. Enjoy!

For you, for Wednesday...

I am interrupting the usual Apprenticeship to Love posts to invite you to join me for something special: my conversation with Ted Riter on the topic of “Men and Sacred Sex.”

As a subscriber here, it’s one of your perquisites (aka “perks”) to have no-charge access to most of the live #menswork podcast conversations. Some are for men, like tomorrow’s with Ted. Some are co-ed.

I invite you to use and share (with another man who you think may be interested) the “FOR SUBSCRIBERS & SACREDBODIES.CA ALUMNI” ticket for the Zoom call-in at 11am Pacific time.

NOTE: If you’re reading this and you’re not a subscriber or alumni, but you want access to this conversation with Ted (or with any of the other men and women I get to talk to), you’re welcome to subscribe now and then use the code and link (above), or email me at and I’ll add you to the subscriber list at no charge (saving you $100), and send you a no-charge ticket. Subscribe now

YOUR QUESTIONS ARE IMPORTANTYou’re welcome to just sit and listen. To keep your video off and change your username, if that’s more comfortable. You’re welcome to listen to it on the podcast later. But please, if you’ve got questions you’d like me to ask Ted, whether you’ll be joining us or not, email them to me by this evening at Your questions are SUPER IMPORTANT and I’ll do my best to get them into our conversation. Of course, if you’re on the call and have questions I’ll be inviting you to ask Ted directly (but I still ask that you email your questions to me first).

-hansps. If you’re an alumni of programs —Path of the Sacred Masculine, Sacred Marriage— or currently in a program or in the Tango for Lovers or Yoga for Lovers programs, a big thank you for what you’re doing. It may not feel like it, but you’re changing yourself and making the world a better place, in your relationship with yourself, with your loved ones, with the world itself. This means a lot to me.