Daily Meditation & Practice for the Sacred Masculine, April 6


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  • Today's suggested practice: Ten minutes of feeling into your power to change the world... (see below)
  • My playlist while writing today's meditation: Miles Davis, My Funny Valentine (live)
  • My morning practice: 90 minutes, warm-up for legs and lower triangle, followed by Kriya to Know the Other as Myself (mantra and mudra), Linking to the Infinite (pranayama and mantra)
  • My vulnerability practice: Opening my heart and my breath and stepping into the unknown.... ready for wonder and awe
  • —Hans Peter Meyer

—Hans Peter Meyer


It is so simple. Trust myself. Trust Her. Follow the follow through my unknowing and into the underworld of her treasures…

These treasures come by way of dragons, trials, fierce guardians. They wait for me in the various underworlds I cannot know, cannot understand. Cannot imagine.

And so, again, her dark underworld beckons me... even as she seems to rest so close. There is an unbridgeable distance between us.

It is so simple. Trust myself. Trust Her. Follow the follow through my unknowing and into the underworld of her treasures.

Two lessons from John Wineland. Two simple steps, for those of us who like things simple and laid out in a “how-to” manual:

  1. Attend to my posture. Changing my reality begins with changing my body, bringing myself into alignment with myself. From this comes a changed mind —changed thoughts, emotions, sensations, beliefs. From this comes the capacity to open the front of my body, allowing the “brains” of my groin, my gut, my heart, my throat to inform my head.
  2. Breathe. Breathe long and deep, and even longer and deeper into this posture. Breathe into my the opening of the front of my body and feed these brains of my body and my mind with both oxygen and prana.

This is a very simple yoga that opens me to receive the feminine within me, and all around me. These two steps are the heart of what I call the Yoga for the Sacred Masculine. When I practice, daily, religiously, I am ready for the tests that prove me. Practicing, daily, religiously, I prepare myself for the underworld and the guardians of the treasure I seek.

There is, of course, nothing new to be discovered. The treasure will always be both beyond my imagination and something that has always been here for me, just beyond my knowing. I practice that I may recognize it after passing the tests, taming (not slaying) the dragon, feeling into (not dominating) the woman before me, listening (not expecting) Her to speak.

And yet, She makes things always-new. Practicing, I slow down enough to see that She is always-the-same even as She is always-changing. I need only attend to my posture, attend to my breath, allow Her dance to bring me the nourishment I seek.

It’s so simple. And so hard, this allowing Her to test me and to reveal to me the man I am, the man I love, the man who must be trusted. The man my beloved knows me to be.


Ten minutes of feeling into your power to change the world...

Please read through first, then ...

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes...
  • You are standing and your eyes are open, looking with soft focus into the distance, taking it all in, all 180 degrees of your peripheral visionG
  • Your feet are planted in the earth's strong embrace (aka gravity). Gently allow your perineum to be pulled by this embrace, bending your knees slightly (you will hold and deepen this for 10 minutes; be gentle with how you start).
  • You are breathing without effort to start. Then begin inhaling consciously for a count of four, through your nose, and into your softened throat, imagining the central channel that travels down through your heart centre, into your belly, into your genitals, into your perineum.
  • Hold this breath for the count of four and press this breath down into the earth.
  • Now, exhaling for the count of four up the front of your body, feeling the flow up through and softening your genitals, your belly, your heart, your throat, the front of your face. Everything is softening, as your spine remains firm, not rigid, literally holding the space for your body's softening.
  • Empty, hold this emptiness for the count of four, bringing your attention to the top of your heart, what John Wineland calls a bright and joyful part of the heart, allowing it connect to the crown of your head and upward into the heavens. Now inhale, repeating the cycle of four count.
  • Bring your full awareness first to your thighs as you keep breathing this four-part breath. Lower yourself a little deeper into these most powerful muscles in your body. Gently.
  • Bring your awareness to your genitals. You may feel a warmth there as you do this. This is the centre of your creativity and your capacity to connect in relationship.
  • Bring your awareness to your belly, how soft it is, how much it can hold. This is the centre of your will, your drive. Feel how powerful it is in this moment of the posture and breath.
  • Bring your awareness to your heart. This most powerful organ in your body, the most powerful of the energy centres in your body. That which beats first in your embryonic state. That which beats last as you pass from this earthly living space. Allow your heart to expand into the fullness of your rib cage. Allow it to expand even further, to hold everything that you are feeling, thinking, sensing without knowing, all your heart to be so much more than you can imagine.
  • Maintaining your four-part breath, allowing it to deepen into the earth, to reach up into the heavens, feel the energy in your genitals, your belly, and your heart. Now, gently push this energy out into the room around you, the buildings around you, the forest and fields and people around you. This is your masculine penetration. Not invasive but holding everything safe as it penetrates everything.
  • Breathe this breath. Hold this posture. Push this energy out in all directions, not to conquer but to protect, to hold safe.
  • As the timer signals, slowly release your posture and come to standing. Shake your legs, your belly and your ass. Shake your arms and your shoulders. Shake your head, gently. Release all of this. Breathe gently. You are powerful when you attend to your posture and your breath. You are powerfully able to hold all that She (and she) brings to you. No underworld is too much for your sacred masculine capacities. Now, be in this world with all of your power, all of your confidence!