Thanks for the ☕ :)

Thanks for the ☕ :)

Dear Apprenticeship to Love subscribers,

It was a treat to see, after my "festive season" break, that the number of Premium Apprenticeship to Love subscribers had increased by 50%! Wow.

I know it's not a big spend. As I sometimes say, a Premium subscription is the equivalent of buying me a cup of coffee every month. But these ☕s mean so much, much more than just a cup of coffee to me.

For those of you who are wondering, Why? What's in it for me, to buy this guy a cup of coffee every month? .... I want you to know Premium subscribers are getting more than my thanks, and more than the 2-3 "chapters" of this book I'm writing. If you're considering buying me a coffee, here's what else you're getting in 2024: (NOTE: If you use the links and discounts I'm offering here I'm trusting that you'll sign up as a Premium or Premium+ subscriber. You can do that here.)

Monthly (10x year) virtual workshops with me and Sarah Anderson

One of these Premium perqs (from perquisite: a thing regarded as a special right or privilege enjoyed as a result of one's position) is free access to the 10x year Apprenticeship to Love virtual workshops. I've recently arranged with my colleague and tantra teacher, birth doula, and yoga teacher Sarah Anderson for us to be offering this together. The next one is January 30 and it'll be the second in the "For Intimacy" series we're offering. Register for FREE here (the PREMIUM code should automatically be entered).

20% discounts on select workshops, retreats, and coaching

As a Premium subscriber you also get a 20% discount on select workshops, retreats, mini-retreats, and coaching. Take a look at what's on offer at the main site at and at the events site, If you see something you're interested in, book it and LMK by email that you're a Premium subscriber and I'll reimburse you 20% on your charges.

Occasional specials

And then there are also occasional special discounts and events, just for Premium and Premium+ subscribers. I'll email you about these as they come up. For example,

  • there is, as of today, one PREMIUM ticket left for our Arts of Sacred Intimacy for Couples retreat this winter.
  • There are, as of today, a dozen (12) PREMIUM bookings for coaching or mini-retreats when booked before March 31. You'll need to enter the PREMIUMMar31 code to activate the 50% discount.

Finally, Premium and Premium+ perqs aren't for everyone. I'm just glad that you're on my "1000 early readers" list and that you're allowing me into your reading every week. Thank you.

-Rev. Hans

ps. Some of these perqs are time or number sensitive. For example, there is only one Premium ticket for the Arts of Sacred Intimacy for Couples retreat. Only 12 Premium discounts for coaching etc. And the free virtual workshops are first-come-first-served, so if you're interested, get these while they're available.

pps. If you're slow, and tickets or spaces are full. Please message me. Sometimes there's a cancellation. It's rare, but it happens. Then I may be able to get you in.