Summertime... And the living is easy.... It certainly is a time for me to slow down, take a breath, consider where I'm going. I’m also working on content for the upcoming Sacred Marriage program. I look forward to your questions!


Dear readers,

You may have noticed that I’ve been sending you fewer chapters this month. A couple of reasons.

One, it’s my birthday month and my attentions are pulled to family and friends and, well, a desire to do nothing.

Two, I’m in the middle of another writing platform change and some things take longer than I’d like. The timing is good. What better time to sit back while the IT people muck about with what they have to muck about with than during my birthday month?

A third reason is that I’m also working on content for the upcoming Sacred Marriage program (only 12 earlybird couples tickets left). All of the things I’m learning as I teach the “…for Lovers” classes (mini workshops using yoga and tango to help couples —and singles— open to their body’s knowledge, creativity, and capacity to connect with each other) is being poured into this. As will what my colleague Fabioloa Perez and teach in this Fall’s Tantra+Tango for Couples class. You can see most of what’s coming up at the events page

My passion for this work only grows. It’s why the monthly Apprenticeship to Love virtual workshops are so important to me: a way of connecting this learning to you, my readers. (Next up: “Learning from Barbie,” on August 16) Knowing that I have you as a reader, this is an inspiration to me, to keep sharing what I’m learning on this, my Apprenticeship to Love.

ps. When you’re a Premium or Bronze subscriber here you get big discounts on events and programs I offer. Like no charge on the monthly virtual workshops. Like 20% off on the Sacred Marriage program, and on one-on-one or couples coaching. It’s one of the ways I say “thank you” for your attention and support. Now, to get back to putting my feet up… (actually, today I’m starting a training with one of the teachers who inspires me, David Deida, on “The Superior Lover.” Look for this content to show up throughout the coming seasons!)