Daily Meditation & Practice for the Sacred Masculine, March 31

  • Today's suggested practice: Holding your feminine heart as She falls, always falls ... (see below)
  • My playlist while writing today's meditation: Ry Cooper & Pandit Vishwa Mohan Pandit, Longing
  • My morning practice: 90 minutes, short warm-up for the chakras, followed by Kriya to Know the Other as Myself (mantra and mudra), Linking to the Infinite (pranayama and mantra) The 60-minute version is available here.
  • My vulnerability practice: I am learning to hold her as she falls, learning to hold myself as I fall...

—Hans Peter Meyer

MY MEDITATION Last night I hosted the first of the #MENSWORK shows on the topic of "Finding my Path as a Man." Thank you to the men who were there, and who shared their own stumbling forward into being the men they aspire to be. There is no end to this stumbling... and yet, for most of us who are masculine-identified men, to stumble, to risk falling, is the most frightening thing.

For the feminine-identified woman, it is all falling and flowing. She tests constantly to know whether we are safe enough for her to fall into this flowing completely.

It is my experience that until I can feel that yearning to fall in my own body, I hadn't known either her pain or her pleasure. And, I could not be safe enough for my beloved to be, completely, herself.

I will never, in this life, experience myself in a woman's body. I will never in this life even be completely surrendered into the flow of my own feminine energies. On my path, to experience even a semblance of this falling into flowing was a revelation. A profoundly clarifying moment. I was no longer a man by the fluke of conception. From that moment forward I began to understand that, as a masculine-identified man I embody a sacred capacity. That sacred capacity: to hold Her safe that She may fall entirely and without reservation or doubt into Her flowing, endlessly changing essence.

It was the most frightening thing, to fall... And, as I now know, for my beloved, it is all falling...

I invite you, as a masculine-identified man, to know this holy space of Her falling, and to learn to hold Her with reverence as She surrenders completely into your masculine gifts. Are you ready for that level of commitment and power? Are you ready to hold this holy space for its nourishment, its necessary nourishment to your sacred masculine purpose?

For a masculine-identified man, there may be nothing more frightening —and more transformative— than to experience, in his body, the always-falling that is the always-present experience of a feminine-identified woman. If you are ready to be guided through this experience, there are worthy guides...

If you are a feminine-identified woman, I invite you to feel the freedom and life-affirming joy, to be held safe while guided into your forever-desire to fall and flow. If you are ready to be guided through this experience, there are worthy guides...

Yes, there are many guides on this path to know your fullest expression of your polarity. If you, as a man or a woman, are ready to experience this falling into your sacred depth, please consider it a gift to yourself to work with one of the many coaches and teachers who offer feminine practices online.

★ DM me or email me at and I can make suggestions for coaches and teachers who can help with your feminine practice. Note also that as an early reader of these dailies, it is a small thank you on my side to offer the FEMPRACTICE 50% discount code for my services, if that is a fit.

TODAY'S INSPIRATION🌀You're not like that now. (My beloved, my Oracle)

🌀…once the realization is accepted that even between the closest people infinite distances exist, a marvellous living side-by-side can grow up for them, if they succeed in loving the expanse between them, which gives them the possibility of always seeing each other as a whole and before an immense sky. (Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet)

TODAY'S SUGGESTED PRACTICE Fifteen minutes to know and hold your feminine heart as She falls and flows.

Please read through first, then ...

  • Find a place where you can see some part of nature, even if its just a tree or a field or the water in the distance, your garden, a forest.
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes
  • Sitting with a straight, firm but not stiff spine, your chin tucked, heart lifted, allow your breath to relax and gently deepen, filling your belly, emptying your belly. But without effort.
  • Your eyes are open gazing around you, taking it all in. You are bringing your deep still awareness (what my teachers call your masculine depth) to this moment of change. It may be a very subtle change. Slow your eyes, your breath to notice it all.
  • As you engage in this practice, what John Wineland calls the practice of "doing nothing, impeccably," notice how your awareness becomes easy — or difficult. Notice the impulse to distract —to make a note, to check a screen, to turn this into a meditation. Notice yourself, then bring your attention back out to Her, this always-changing, beyond-understanding of the world outside of you.
  • Begin to bring your attention to your breath as it touches your heart. Allow your heart to feel the vibration of the trees, the grasses, the traffic, the pulse of life beyond you. Breathe into this heart until it is so attuned to the pulse of the world that they are one. Allow your heart to feel. Allow your heart to move, in the form of sensations and feelings, emotions that are held there as joy, pain, grief, yearning. Allow these to move and move in concert, as if dancing, with the world you are witnessing beyond you. Allow your awareness to become that deep, stable masculine your heart needs to feel even more deeply all that needs to be felt, all that calls for feeling. With your still and deep awareness and your intention you are waking this deep feminine energy within you. This is your divine feminine, She who is with you all the time. Allow Her to know She is being held, that She can do no wrong, can cause you no pain. She is free to feel and fall into Her depth of feeling, held by your gentle and powerful awareness.
  • Your eyes are still open. Your heart is moving with the world you are a witness to. You are relaxed and open and host to a powerful connection with all that is beyond understanding, beyond connecting. You feel an immense love for this distance. Held by your awareness this unbridgeable and unfathomable distance nourishes you, somehow. It is not frightening. It is all that you need.
  • When the timer signals, gently relax your attention on your heart and on the world beyond. Let Her find her resting place. If you are a masculine-identified man you may feel relief, to not have to feel so deeply, to not have to hold this space. Enjoy this relief. This is hard work, and while I believe it is our sacred duty to learn to do this work, it is also essential that we rest and play, and do that either in solitude or with other men. if you are a feminine-identified woman, you may feel a yearning, for this safe holding to continue, that you may continue to dance and flow in safety. Without feeling grief for the passing of this moment, know that you can revisit this moment at any time. Know also that the more you become comfortable in the depths of your feminine falling and surrender, the more you magnetize, attract the masculine strength and integrity to hold you.
  • Take a few moments to feel all of yourself, your body, the space around you. Shake your body, your arms and legs. Shake your head.  Now, step into your day knowing that this is your birthright, to feel and to hold and to know the unknowable magic of these moments.