Daily Meditation & Practice for the Sacred Masculine, May 9

  • Today's suggested practice: Day 9 of 7 minutes to hold space for Her.... (see below)
  • My playlist while writing today's meditation: JS Bach. Komm, Süsser Tod (Casals)
  • My morning practice: 90minutes with short warm-up, Linking with the Infinite mantra and pranayama, followed by Solving Communication Problems kriya
  • My vulnerability practice: I allow the burden of her trust to settle on my shoulders, grateful for this weight (and afraid, always afraid)...
  • A vulnerability practice is, in my experience, essential "nervous system training" for any man who is ready to stand for his woman. If you want help in setting up your own vulnerability practice, please be in touch:

—Hans Peter Meyer

MY MEDITATION I am not a warrior. I am a man learning to burn, learning to trust this burning: this is how I am revealed as the husbandman to the always-there radiance that I am otherwise blind to, numb to. Only in the burning of practice, committed and daily practice, will the blocks to feeling Her be consumed. Only in this burning will I be free to be the deep and powerful awareness my beloved needs to feel properly held, properly known.

I slow down. And then, slow even more. Let the fire of practice catch up with me. Let this burn of being still while all of my training and all of my culture as a man calls to me to fix and solve and act, damn it do something! I burn in this ache of doing nothing, this fire become so unbearably fierce that everything burns away, that I am reduced and refined, all that remains is my truth, the man I am proud to be, the man I am come to love. The man she begins to trust with her deepest and most terrifying radiance. And I am able to feel, able to hear, able to know my own years and life of ache denied, and instead of overwhelming me and crushing me it is a flow of nourishment.

Now, burning with practice, standing for her, I know myself as her husbandman.

TODAY'S INSPIRATIONS🌀In alchemy the fire element is the indispensable ingredient to transform matter into its pure essence and in yoga we use our practice to do this. Instead of denying our past experiences we can use our practice to process them, moving the energetic residues, ultimately remaining with their essence which nourishes us, as we mature and grow. (Tim and Marieke, Kundalini Yoga School, Rising From the Ashes)

🌀The Conscious Warrior is committed to developing strength of the mind, physical body, and nervous system through dedicated physical, yogic, and meditative practice. (John Wineland, Precept 6)

🌀I never thought I'd be coming to you like this. (My beloved, my Oracle)

TODAY'S SUGGESTED PRACTICE Day nine of this month's practice, seven minutes towards becoming the diamond you are as the husbandman (whether you are a man or a woman) to your own beautiful and terrifying feminine flow...

Please read through first, then ...

  • If you don't have the Mera Man Loche on iTunes you'll find it here on YouTube:

This is a song of longing and devotion and self-discovery. You will listen to this while you...

  • Standing, If possible, let your body settle. Breathe slowly, deeply into your belly... Allow yourself to become soft, vulnerable to being held in this embrace of gravity...
  • Breathing through your nose, notice your breath becoming gently slower and slower. Soften the top of your throat so that your breath is almost a snoring... filling and softening your belly as you inhale, gently pressing your navel against your spine as you exhale.
  • After three cycles of long and deep breathing turn the music on.... listening past the words to the devotional tone, a tone devoted to the journey of your wisdom, your truth, your experience, your surrender to yourself...
  • As you listen to this song of lament and devotion and self-awareness allow yourself to feel any feelings that may emerge during your stillness... often we "get busy" or fill ourselves with habits to "get numb." As you slow into your breath and into your standing, notice any little thought or feeling that pulls you away from this standing-doing-nothing... Breathe into yourself and allow yourself to feel the discomfort of holding this space, feel the burn of it... burning and knowing that, if even for only a moment, you are able to bring your awareness to yourself feeling and thinking, and that this awareness is the beginnings of your depth, your sacred masculine capacity to be the "husbandman" to yourself...
  • As the song ends, bring your attention back from noticing yourself to noticing this moment Gently shake your legs and hips and shoulders and arms, relaxing and releasing any tension your body may be holding from the practice. Take three relaxed breath cycles, without effort, and open your eyes. As you step into your day know that you are capable of feeling more than you imagine, capable of being more tender and vulnerable, and stronger and firmer than you believer yourself to be.

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