Daily Meditation & Practice for the Sacred Masculine, May 20

  • Today's suggested practice: Day 20 of seven minutes to be ... (see below)
  • My playlist while writing today's meditation: Silence, listening to Her music…
  • My morning practice: Today I allowed myself to sleep in. My practice will take place in the woods later this morning.
  • My vulnerability practice: I do nothing except pray and meditate; my beloved blossoms, held by my stillness...

—Hans Peter Meyer

TODAY'S MEDITATION She was once asked me —one of the few things my Oracle explicitly asked of me— for my patience.

Some time ago I saw this, and I read it almost daily. It reminds me of her tenderness, her desire to open, her need for my eternal and still presence: "Loving a woman who hasn't been loved correctly takes patience... So please be patient with me."

I am the husbandman of my garden. I know that forcing blossoms is a useful short-term strategy to enjoy Her beauty. I know that forcing Her to blossom in my time, not Hers, damages the nature I love. It is always better to hold the space with patient devotion. It is always better to allow Her to move and unfold as She needs. Not as I desire.

And so it is in this tango of loving a feminine-identified woman. As her husbandman I hold this space. I apply patience and devotion. I trust her ways to her beauty, in her moments of blossoming.

A teacher whom I deeply admire, Nina Lombardo, recently reminded me that when the masculine partner in this tango of love is moving with desire the feminine withdraws into stillness. I know this, but need to be reminded that for her to open her heart, her body, her being into the beautiful moment of blossoming I desires, I need to become still. So still. So patient. So devoted…

We've had a long, slow, and cold spring. Yesterday the sun came out. Yesterday my beloved reached out from her silence. I heard the music of her voice, felt her opening. Today my garden begins to move. Slow, appreciative, I am enjoying it all.

She will take all the time she needs. I am deep enough to be the husbandman she needs to blossom, in her way, in her time, into her beauty.

TODAY’S INSPIRATIONS 🌀When a person can't find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure. (Viktor Frankl)

🌀When a man's sexual desire is  scattered all over the place, he will inevitably struggle to find his purpose & dharma. A scattered sexual energy leads to an immense lack of clarity. One-pointed devotion is the only cure. (Preston Bryant)

🌀I never thought I’d come to you like this. (My beloved, my Oracle)

TODAY'S SUGGESTED PRACTICE Day 20 of this month's practice, seven minutes to be the husbandman of the divine feminine in your life, whether you are man or woman...

Please read through first, then ...

As yesterday, listen to these words that you likely don't know. Be foolish enough, sensitive enough, to feel the wisdom of these words of longing and sacrifice and patience and devotion as the vibrations of sound that help you hold yourself into blossoming...

  • Breathing slowly through your nose, align yourself while sitting. Let your body settle. Let your spine be drawn upward out of your pelvis.
  • Turn the music on and close your eyes.
  • Feel how good it feels to be still in your body.... Feel how good it feels to move, your nostrils flaring, your heart expanding, your belling swelling with every breath... You are, in your stillness the embodiment of that masculine depth that gives structure and awareness to that part of yourself that moves, yearns to move, yearns to expand, yearns to shrink.... However your body is constructed, in this still breathing and noticing you are playing host to this tango of love that is you, a tango you can deepen with your attention and posture, can expand with breath and your belly swelling and emptying.... So subtle, yet a universe of energies in this polarity that is you in this moment. Continue to bring awareness to your structure, your posture. Continue to move with your breath. Aware of everything, and nothing. Aware of this play of polarities. Being this play of polarities.
  • As the song ends, relax your awareness and your breath. Take three gentle, relaxed breath cycles, without effort, and let your feeling of this tango, this dance of polarities, be exhaled... Now, open  your eyes and step into your day. Enjoy yourself. You are everything, and you are nothing. You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are.

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