Apprenticeship to Love: Daily Meditation for the Sacred Masculine, March 11



  • Today's suggested practice: See below ...
  • My playlist while writing today's meditation: Shaman's Dream, Offerings
  • My morning practice: 1.5 hours, a short warm up with focus on lower triangle, especially navel/abdomen, followed by Sudarshan Chakra kriya and Linking to the Infinite pranayama and mantra
  • My vulnerability practice: Who am I, without my hunter's tools, my hunter's logic?

-Hans Peter Meyer


I am no longer a hunter of love.

Love comes to me in its own time, an ocean crashing against the shore. A breath of wind lingering on my naked cheek.

I sit, still, and allow Her to move freely. Will. Gently, firmly, powerfully held by y awareness. She revels in being seen, heard, felt, smelled, tasted. Known.

That moment when we, as men, experience our power to blossom the feminine — it's a beautiful and powerful feeling! Something to be savoured. And, this is a superpower. To be used with care, with compassion.

She wants nothing more than to blossom.

Most of us men have not been trained in the art of the husbandman, in holding space for Her blossoming. Most of us are impatient for our own pleasures and desires. We have been trained, from birth, to be hunters. Taking what we want, guided only by our vicious and voracious appetites for more. More food. More attention. More things. More land. More money. More power. More sex. More.

We take for granted Her never-ending supply: there will always be more land, more trees, more money, more women, more. There are hunters who honour a sacred and subtle relationship with Her benevolence. But we, most of us men, we are hunters without a sacred understanding of Her graces. So we deplete the world, and ourselves. I know so many forests, depleted. So many seas, emptied and despoiled. So many women, used, poorly. We are masters at the taking. Now, perhaps, some of us, we learn to apprentice as husbandmen, slowly and ever more slowly learning patience, restoration, the art of a new practice.

It is a great and beautiful thing, to be so trusted that the woman or child or man in front of me opens into their radiance. It is an unimaginable thing, to be so trusted that this woman, child, man shares their powerful vulnerability with me. Always, I have to prepare, to know myself as worthy of this trust. To be, as John Wineland says, He Who Must Be Trusted.

And so, I am no longer a hunter. I am in my apprenticeship to love, to being the husbandman she needs, that she may, once again, flower into her radiance. That I may be nourished by her never-ending flow of beauty, joy, love.


🌀Hans, he said, I may have gotten in over my head in my eye-gazing practice with a woman I'm attracted to tonight. We started to feel the sense of being high, at which point she broke away. I felt it too, near the end. But she was hallucinating, leading up that moment, she said. Quite intense.

I am feeling the tension of growing up to catch up to the feelings I can’t yet speak to. (From X, a student of mine)

🌀A true life skill is saying yes or no to any moment and doing so without ever feeling obligated or guilty. This is not something to think about -- thinking travels through the channels of your preferences, and preferences are wholly historical and future want to be in this moment. To respond accurately to this moment, you must understand this moment -- not tilted by the future or tainted by history. (Guru Singh and Guruperkarma Kaur, The Living Moment)

🌀You're not like that now. (My Oracle)


A 10-minute "eye-gazing practice" with yourself:

  • Sit comfortably in front of a mirror. Set a time for 10 minutes. Now begin...
  • Close your eyes and bring attention to your spine, deepening into your sit bones and lengthening from your pelvis. Tilt your chin slightly, lifting your chest. Take a long deep breath into your belly, allowing the exhale to soften your belly, heart, and throat.
  • Open your eyes and look into your left eye. Keep the long deep breath, with your spine firm but not stiff, your shoulders relaxed, your belly, heart, and throat softening as you exhale.
  • Notice your own breath. Breathe with yourself, keeping your eyes focused on your left eye.
  • Continue until 10 minutes is done.
  • Sustaining your eye focus, take a deep breath into your belly. Allow your heart to expand fully into your chest cavity, and beyond. Hold this expanding vibration for as long as you can, feeling your beautiful presence as both a pressing out and a receiving in. Enjoy.
  • To complete, bow to your own depth. Open your eyes, and bring a little of this depth to every encounter in your day. You have seen yourself deep, strong, stable. You can hold it all, and enjoy it all.


If you'd like to know more about how this “eye-gazing practice” deepens you in connection to both your and their sexual polarity, please book a coaching session at This is suitable for both masculine and feminine identified men and women.