Daily Meditation, Inspirations, and Practices for the Sacred Masculine, August 26



Daily Meditation, Inspirations, and Practices for the Sacred Masculine, August 26

  • NOTE: Thanks to one of the “early readers” I learned that the Heart Hum Meditation video was silent. If you were practising 11 minutes of silence, I bow to you. That is a beautiful way to interpret what I was suggestion. Today, however, you have a link to the Heart Hum Mediation video with sound.
  • Today's suggested practice: Day 26 of this month's practice... (see below)
  • My playlist while writing today's meditation: Eric Clapton, Please Be With Me https://music.apple.com/ca/album/please-be-with-me/1452857931?i=1452858016
  • My morning practice: 2:45am for 45 minutes of physical, yogic, and meditative practice, including the Abundance mantra meditation
  • My vulnerability practice: I am deep into this, her dark underworld, and there is only the flickering light of her radiance, calling me deeper…

Hans Peter Meyer

TODAY'S MEDITATIONPressing another man about what he had referred to as his “presence practice” I was asked about mine. A good question, and germane to this apprenticeship to love.

Presence. This is purpose of this yoga for the sacred masculine: to cultivate the depth and stillness that penetrates this moment and, holding this infinite moment, enjoys the beauty and the richness and the love that blossoms. I am this man, ravishing my beloved and my world into the fullness of Her flow. I have no needs. No wants. She brings me everything, unbidden. I stand, eternal, in this always changing ocean of infinite love and beauty.

Presence, what is it but the energy pulsing from the core of my being, as her radiance shines from her core. For me, a slow and deep vibration. A grounding frequency that gives all others a feeling of safety, calm.

I like how Deida distinguishes between “being present” and “presence.” The one is necessary for a conscious life. The other, the consequence of practices that quiet the mind, still the body, that “diminish” (to borrow from Jenkinson), and in diminishing reveal what is true and elegant in me.

We are in a time and in a culture that prizes efficiency. Deadlines. Plans. Intentions and purposes. A slim form of communication that assumes that words and thoughts are real and exclusive. This culture is the antithesis of presence. It is all surface and the seeking of ease, comfort. It squeezes the soul and the magic out of our lives.

My “presence practice” is to sit and become still. To become so still, so silent, so sensitive that She cannot help but be drawn to give me everything She desires to give me. This is my yoga, how I become the sacred masculine that is my soul’s expression in this life.

However long she needs, I am here. I hold this space, safe. I am the husbandman to her radiance. I am the powerful presence that must be trusted, that draws her into the fullness of her flow.

TODAY’S INSPIRATIONS🌀… when you realize that there's always enough time within every moment to fill the moment, the time just shows up...manifested out of infinity...out of forever. (Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur)

🌀The Conscious Warrior prioritizes the creation of an unshakable tether to consciousness, stillness, and depth. (John Wineland, Precept Three)

🌀Recognize that the other person is you. (Yogi Bhajan, Aquarian Sutra One)

🌀I’m always impressed by you. (My beloved, my Oracle)

TODAY'S SUGGESTED PRACTICEDay 26 of this month's practice, take 11 minutes today to sit and listen to, or chant, the Heart Hum Meditation...

Please read through first, then ...

  • Today, sit (or stand) in stillness with this question.... How is my deep, still presence experienced in these few minutes? How do I walk with this presence into my day, into every conversation, every consideration of Her gifts?
  • Setup: your "setup" for this month's daily practice is how you "hold onto yourself" and receive...
  • Begin by closing your eyes and aligning your body into its truest, most elegant posture, tucking your chin to lift your heart, tilting your pelvis to straighten your spine. Become still, more still than you've ever been. Your alignment is the physical training for trustworthiness. Bring your hands to your heart, right (masculine) over left (feminine).
  • Focus on feeling the vibration. That is all.
  • Set your timer for 11 minutes or listen to the "Heart Hum" mantra here:
  • As the timer signals or the mantra ends allow your eyes to slowly open. Take three, relaxed breath cycles, no pressing, no effort, and feel yourself full, without thoughts, open. Safe to receive. Then, step into your day, letting the mantra echo as a nourishing vibration whenever you become still. You don't need to DO anything. Let the world come to you with its demands, its complaints, and yes, its endless tide of gifts and blessings.✨✨✨

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