What I see: Yoga+Tango for Lovers students are progressing more deeply into the their tango than students who do not prepare with this kind of "nervous system training." It's a beautiful thing to witness.


You are already elegant.

Slow down & you will know this.

Good Monday afternoon!

First, Thank you to those of you who asked how I'm doing! My recent "date with COVID" has been minor and I’m looking forward to teaching this week. 

Second, you may not be one of my yoga or tango students, but there is something here for all of you.

And... A make up class on December 21

I've added a date to the "Fall" calendar, a make-up class for last week: Thursday, December 21. It's the week after our Festive Milonga, a way to keep your practice (and play) alive during the often busy festive weeks. 

In the meantime...

What COVID reminded me: My body is this life's gift to me, as your body is this life’s gift to you. 

It’s is a way of experiencing all that this life has to offer. 

So... Please, the practice reminders I sent many of you last week, they stand, whether you're actively in the class or not: 

- Practice being slower with each other

- Practice being slower with your own walking, your own turns

- Mind how you breathe as you walk, as you turn

- Mind your posture. 

Something I learned early in my modern dance experiences is that every step we take in this life is a dance. Most of it is unconscious. But, if we pay attention, even for a moment, we can feel into and express our inner elegance. 

Take a moment. Slow down with yourself. Slow down with others. Feel how this body wants to move. Feel how it wants to be moved. 

Slowing down helps us "feel into" the feminine —in ourselves, in the men, women, children, the situations around us. As a dancer, it helps us to know with unreasonable knowing how the follow's body wants to be moved, guided. It's subtle. That's why I insist on yogic practices before we dance. (You don't know this, but I see it: my students are progressing more quickly and more deeply into the art of their tango than students who do not prepare with this kind of "nervous system training." It's a beautiful thing to witness.)

If you're not in this fall series...

You are invited to drop in on any Thursday —except November 2, as I will be away, teaching yoga at TangoMayaFest. Dropins can either register online or text me for the etransfer/cash rate. Or, sign up for the next Fall session, starting October 26

Tantra+Tango for Couples in Vancouver, rescheduled…

My date with COVID meant rescheduling last weekend's Tantra+Tango with colleague Fabiola Perez. We are now teaching on Saturday, November 25. If you’re receiving this email and your register online, you’ll get a 10% cash refund (per couple) at the door. Just reply here to let me know to prepare the refund.

I look forward to seeing you soon….

-Rev. Hans

Coming up in the next class...

Here’s that clip again that we started to review last week. Again, compare it to a Carlito and Noelia clip we watched. And, isolate a figure or combination for home practice. Then bring it to class and we’ll fine tune.