Apprenticeship to Love: Daily Meditation, Inspirations, and Practices for the Sacred Masculine, May 23

  • Today’s questions: To whom are you devoted? How does this feel, to surrender to devotion? If you’re wondering what this means, or how to answer, and it’s helpful to talk to someone, please set up a short, no-charge chat at sacredbodies.ca/chat
  • Today's suggested practice: Day 19 of this month's practice, to notice where I stand, with coach Leroy Gordon (see below).
  • My practice today: 4:15am: 105 minutes: yoga, with breathwork, mantra, and Gayatri meditation
  • My vulnerability practice: I am committed to answering her call from the edge, to stepping across the threshold and into the unknown…

Hans Peter Meyer


A granddaughter, my second, born just minutes before typing this. Let me share this breath I take, with you. A breath to honour whatever this child brings into our lives, not the least of which is an opportunity to know vulnerability, and to allow myself to feel tender, vulnerable to her magic. For magic she is, magic she brings.

And so, to breathe. In, deeply. Into the well of my belly, into the root of me. And to hold this breath and this child, her magic, gently. Tenderly…

Relax. Receive.

I’ve reached into the unknown. I’ve extended my vision and my heart, beyond what is comfortable. I’ve reached into the tenderness of this life, and I breathe, and I open, and I know … Nothing. I do not know what comes next.

I don’t know anything, except that everything is alive and electric and I am dancing beyond myself, with no end, no goal, nothing on the horizon. Just this. The overwhelming unknown of this, this, this…

And so I learn to trust myself. By being called to the edge. By following that call. And on this edge, tested and proven by this —this tenderness to life. By —yes— love.

And, devoted, I learn to be trustworthy.

Worthy of calling. Worthy of all the magic. Worthy of Her gifts. Worthy of this child, her sister, her mother and aunt. Her uncles. Her father. Her greatgrandmother. Worthy of my beloved, she who calls with her Siren song to this always-edge, this always-threshold of myself.

Deserving nothing, Yet, in devotion, I open to awe and wonder at Her gifts, I am redeemed, surrendering to devotion. To this.


🌀You deserve nothing. (Kendra Cunov)

🌀The Conscious Warrior practices the cultivation of wonder and awe. (John Wineland, Precept 7)

🌀…reach out into space with a focused passion, then relax and let it come to you over time. Never give up when it hesitates...always keep up. These are the teachings of the heart -- it teaches you to completely relax to receive what you've worked for.

…The name of this yogic system is devotion...the unemotional connection with everything… [Devotion] is a powerful process that sheds the disruptions of needing, wanting, and wishing for. (Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur)

🌀Yes yess please. (My beloved, my Oracle & Siren)


Day 19 of this month's practice:

Please read through first, then ...

- Today, set two alarms, one for the early part of your day, one for late afternoon when you may be feeling low energy.

- When the alarm sounds, wherever and however you are, take less than three minutes to do this short practice with coach Leroy Gordon:


- When you’re done, stand for a minute and breathe long and deep, consciously and slowly filling and emptying your belly.

- Notice if your body-mind feels somehow changed. And whether you notice a change or not, be content with yourself, exactly as you are in this moment.

- Continue with your day until the next alarm sounds, and repeat.

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