Daily Meditation, Inspirations, and Practices for the Sacred Masculine, August 10

  • NOTE 1: I’ll be taking a vacation to be with family starting August 12, 2022. Back to writing these daily chapters Monday, August 22, 2022.
  • NOTE 2: For men who are currently in the Basic Six: Path of the Sacred Masculine training, I have received a number of beautiful questions that I will be replying to, as a group email, by Friday.
  • Today's suggested practice: Day 10 of this month's practice... (see below)
  • My playlist while writing today's meditation: The telephone. Irritations from the electronic realm. Why am I choosing this distraction? "Off with his head!"
  • My morning practice: 3:30am for 90 minutes of physical, yogic, and meditative practice, including the Abundance mantra meditation
  • My vulnerability practice: She has arrived at my door with Her sword and I offer my heart... I am afraid.

Hans Peter Meyer

TODAY'S MEDITATIONI am learning to give my gifts, freely. Without strategy. To share my wealth, without worry. And, to enjoy all that swims into my life at this moment (yes, I'm in the midst of this season of sailing and swimming and the sheer overwhelm of flow, literally...)

Not all of this flow is in the form of joy and pleasure, however. There are feelings of resistance, fear, irritation also showing up in this stream...

Resistance and Her lessons come from interesting quarters. Always.

Today I am wrestling with a familiar representation of the Goddess: Chhinnamasta, She with the garland of skulls for all of us who persist in believing that our thinking will release us from this purgatory of suffering. Today She arrives in the form of people who I’ve been avoiding. For years. More or less successfully. But everything avoided only returns with increased ferocity, increased need to be attended to. It seems that today I will either choose to confront myself, and let this difficult moment show me a new way to be fully in my presence, or I the ripples of suffering will expand and hurt those whom I love.

What do I choose?

To be magnetic. Beautiful. To allow what I need to flow to me and through me and all around me, rather than fighting it. My heart shakes as I consider...

The residual "fight" of the warrior is strong. Breathe. Dance with Her, with this moment that Chinnamasta appears. Breathe. Be so beautiful and full of myself, my powerful presence, that Her desire to chop off my head is lost in Her joy in the dancing.

How much time have I wasted hoarding my gifts and my wealth? It’s too late for that now. I am beautiful, and my radiance grows. I am beautiful, and seeing this, feeling this, She promises me not my beheading but my enlightenment. Or, at least, a moment of it.

TODAY’S INSPIRATIONS 🌀Make yourself so beautiful and divine that God will love to come and sit in your lap and all your desires will be fulfilled. (Yogi Bhajan)

🌀A strong magnetic field attracts things and people that are in tune with our frequency, and also repels what is not. It is our presence that works for us.

...Sharing our gifts will fulfil our desires and the desires of the ones around you and this will create unlimited abundance and prosperity in our lives. (Tim and Marieke, Kundalini Yoga School, Abundance sadhana, Day 11)

🌀The Conscious Warrior is committed to developing strength of the mind, physical body, and nervous system through dedicated physical, yogic, and meditative practice. (John Wineland, Precept 6)

🌀“Once we open up to the flow of energy within our body, we can also open up to the flow of energy in the universe.” (Wilhelm Reich)

🌀You are beautiful. (My beloved, my Oracle)

TODAY'S SUGGESTED PRACTICEDay 10 of this month's practice, take 11 minutes today to sit and listen to, or chant, the Heart Hum Meditation...

Please read through first, then ...

  • Today, sit (or stand) in stillness with this question.... What are your gifts. How can these gifts be of service to the people around you, and especially those whom you don't love?
  • Setup: your "setup" for this month's daily practice is how you "hold onto yourself" and receive...
  • Begin by closing your eyes and aligning your body into its truest, most elegant posture, tucking your chin to lift your heart, tilting your pelvis to straighten your spine. Become still, more still than you've ever been. Your alignment is the physical training for trustworthiness. Bring your hands to your heart, right (masculine) over left (feminine).
  • Focus on feeling the vibration. That is all.
  • Set your timer for 11 minutes or listen to the "Heart Hum" mantra here:
  • As the timer signals or the mantra ends allow your eyes to slowly open. Take three, relaxed breath cycles, no pressing, no effort, and feel yourself full, without thoughts, open. Safe to receive. Then, step into your day, letting the mantra echo as a nourishing vibration whenever you become still. You don't need to DO anything. Let the world come to you with its demands, its complaints, and yes, its endless tide of gifts and blessings.

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