100%, ALWAYS

Daily Meditation & Practice for the Sacred Masculine, May 25

100%, ALWAYS
  • Today's suggested practice: Day 25 of seven minutes to receive the flow ... (see below)
  • My playlist while writing today's meditation: Mozart, Piano Concerto No. 20 (Seong-Jin Cho)https://music.apple.com/ca/album/mozart-piano-concerto-no-20-k-466-piano-sonatas-k-281-332/1437784484
  • My morning practice: 105 minutes of physical, yogic, and meditative practice, including Linking with the Infinite mantra and pranayama, and Solving Communication Problems kriya
  • My vulnerability practice: I let myself feel joy without defending myself... completely open to her whimsy...

—Hans Peter Meyer

TODAY'S MEDITATION Today is Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Today I am holding space for men in two Fatherhood groups. Today I experience my life as overflowing, and I feel the need to give, to hold space for other men that they too may experience Her graces, Her nourishment.

Sometimes I wonder, How did I get so lucky? I've had loss. I've felt deep and eviscerating pain. I've crashed and burned, several times. But today I am wealthy beyond measure with what matters most to me, a capacity to receive love. And, my cup overflowing, I know a need to share. That is why I practice. Aligning myself with the man I am, attuning myself with the man I am most fully open to Her flow of joy and beauty and love that is my birthright, a birthright only limited by the teachings of fear. These are the teachings my practice helps me undo.

Who teaches me to love, to trust this flow? Who teaches me that there is no place for fear anymore, that while I may sometimes (often!) feel afraid, I am getting better at noticing this, and knowing that it is only my fear that keeps me from feeling the joy that is always mine?

I find it strange and beautiful how even the most broken people remember some lesson of love and fearlessness. My father was forever an emotional teenager. My mother, sheltered and shy, very much a feminine spirit who didn't receive what she needed with this forever-teen of a husband. Imperfect. Like me, their son. And yet they overflowed with love for me. However they were with each other and with themselves, I always felt held. Safe in their hearts. I like to think that the magic I see in my daughter as she mothers her daughter is a continuation of this flow from my mother's heart, my father's heart.

For most of his last 20 years my father and I had a "honeymoon" in our relationship. I was able to accept him as the perpetual teenager, to be stable enough to not take personally his defensiveness, the ways he protected is very tender heart. Perhaps relieved by my stability he felt safe to become even more tender, less concerned with whether I was "man enough." Another test? The awful test we, as fathers, too often give our sons, to determine their capacity to "be men?" Why? Because we know our own tenderness and think our sons need to be tougher, harder, less sensitive to survive? An awful legacy. And still, love flows through the inevitable cracks in this armour we wish on ourselves and our sons. My father, perhaps assured that I would survive, became soft enough to allow Her to flow that he became overfull with love and unafraid to share this with me, with his grandchildren. Becoming, so late in his life, beautiful to us in a way he couldn't allow his younger self to be.

I have many teachers who help me become more tender and stronger in this vulnerability. Strong enough to hold space for my beloved as she begins to know herself safe to blossom. You are many. But principal among you my beloved, my children, my mother, my father. However I love, to you I bow.

(If you'd like to know the teachers who've led me these recent years, you'll find them here on Instagram: @darkfemininedesire @daviddeida.live @drharidass @gurusinghyogi @john_wineland @justinpatrickpierce@wayofdevotion )

TODAY’S INSPIRATIONS 🌀…make all the mistakes you can and love them; work through their lessons quickly and grow beyond them to the point of being full; receive this fullness without indebtedness...whatever negativity you encounter along the way, think of it as fuel for the path to overflowing. Be a master who benefits everyone without keeping score...receive and overflow. (Guru Singh & Guruperkarma Kaur, Unconditional Fullness)

🌀You’re not like that now. (My beloved, my Oracle)

TODAY'S SUGGESTED PRACTICE Day 25 of this month's practice, seven minutes to receive the flow of love ...

Please read through first, then ...

As everyday of this practice, let the vibrations of these sounds lead you to feel longing and sacrifice, impatience and patience, and devotion to yourself as a more powerful presence than you've ever known yourself to be...

  • Align yourself while sitting, breathing slowly through your nose and only your nose and into your belly. Let your body settle and become heavy. Tuck your chin and feel your spine and your heart drawn upward, opening ....
  • Turn the music on and close your eyes.
  • Feel the stillness of your body.... and, feel the gentle movement of breath as it passes through your nostrils, through the open gate of your throat, down into your lungs, your belly. Feel this breath held there for a moment, and then feel it as it passes back up through your heart, your throat, your nostrils.... Feel your breath as the caress of the beloved bringing you everything you need in this moment... All you need for these few minutes is to feel this nourishing caress of breath, feel this beautiful spaciousness of your attention to yourself, your body, your breath.... Feel the vibration of this music, these foreign words touching every cell of your being with a gentleness of love's infinite flow. Your breath, always loving you. The music of the world, always loving you.... when you slow down, pay attention, allow yourself to receive...
  • As the song ends, allow yourself feel how solid you are in this loving embrace of breath and sound, and, opening your eyes, and notice your depth and breadth. You are so much more than you imagine and you are, in this moment, overflowing with tenderness for yourself and this moment... Step into your day, letting yourself receive Her flow wherever and whenever you take a moment to breathe, to listen, to know yourself... All of this is here for you.

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